Untimely Time

from Don't Forget to Wave by Josh Wolfsohn



She’s the blossom, sunny welcome, she’s ascending, full of helium, a flower in bloom
She’s the dawn, a deer’s fawn, a waking yawn, newly spawned, leaving the womb She’s the sunrise and unwise, she’s the spring time and unripe and likely to assume
He’s the summer, glowing amber, he is nature’s utopia, heavy with fruit
He is august at its tallest with the south coast sand like sawdust on a swimsuit He’s the high sun letting skin burn, never concerned when the clouds turn, he’ll shine through
It’s an untimely time for this It’s an untimely time for this
She’s the autumn, well accustomed, fixing problems with her wisdom, blanket over knees
She’s an evening candle dwindling, sweet as pudding, sun setting she’s fallen from the trees
She’s required and admired, though retired, still inspired, keeps everyone pleased
He’s the moonlight on a cold night, he’s frostbite, he is upright in a glass case He’s the winter with the reaper by the alter, undertaker takes him away
He’s December, fallen timber, well remembered by September, she is crying as he lays
It’s an untimely time for this It’s an untimely time for this


from Don't Forget to Wave, released April 13, 2018


all rights reserved



Josh Wolfsohn UK

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